What's the difference between a 3 pin plug and a 3 pin plug?

6 months of planning, prepping and panicking and April 6th had arrived.


Debut Day.

Having spent the previous day in my (newly 5 star hygiene rated!!) kitchen, making up the delicious dishes for my first event, I felt good. Really good.

I had done everything possible to make this work and rose at 5am Saturday morning feeling like everything was going to be fine. I practically skipped my way down the stairs, eager to pack the van and be on our way.

We arrived and got one of the best pitches.

We set the stall in record time!

Everything was going to plan.

3 hours later my best friend was launching herself out of my Mums KA armed with 4, painfully expensive and ridiculously long (who needs 45m!!) electric blue extension leads.

The petite framed heroine marched across the event space, 2 reels in each hand, like she was making her final steps of Worlds Strongest Man. I almost expected a crowd to form and smoke and back-lighting to appear to highlight her Herculean efforts.

Hurling the equipment to the ground and wrenching the cables across the concrete to the power source the equipment came to life.

Customers had appeared and nothing was ready. I checked my watch - lunch time!

I stood, lost within the chaos.

“Cook! Cook!"

I frantically obliged.

Between these two contrasted scenarios featured several hours of stress, turmoil, disappointment and confusion.

Long story short. Never assume everyone means the same as you when they’re talking about electrics!!

You can barely notice it really……

You can barely notice it really……

On the whole the day was frantic and nowhere near the grande arrival of my labour of love. There was no euphoria, no sense of “I am where I was destined to be”, not even a thorough enjoyment of the experience. Not really. Just an overwhelming sense of adrenaline loss and disorientation.

And then 4 days later it sank in.

I had served people my food from my business and it had gone down well! People enjoyed it! People came back to tell me how nice it was, they wrote posts on Instagram and Facebook. I had sold my product and my brand and people had considered it worth paying for!

It was the greatest experience. Not in terms of emotional well being, or stress levels, or financial (noone likes to make a loss!) or even really for the brand as a whole as I didn’t share the message I really wanted as well I would have liked.

But to learn from!

So we move onwards and upwards. There will be a few changes ahead and a few things to iron out, and there will be after the next one, and the next one and probably for a good few months. And now I have accepted that, I am ready to learn!

As a final note I also discovered what an amazing family I have (two days in a row they worked alongside me despite the cold and the long hours!), how important your friends are (especially those that can deal with crisis management very effectively), and what a brilliant community the vegan street food scene has! So many of the other stalls assisted and a massive thank you to The Green Grill for their advice! (And their hot dogs are amazing - check them out!)

So, realising all the wonderful things the business has to offer moving forward there was only one thing left to do.

Move forward!