What's in a name?

"It sounds like a charity shop!"

"Is it something to do with organs?"

Naming a business is a very difficult thing. To embody everything you envisage and believe in in a couple of words is nearly impossible.

One afternoon, truly exhausted from racking my brains for the perfect name, I collapsed on my bed, surrounded by scrawls on masses of paper, and stared at the wall. My eyes fell on a black and white photo on my dressing table.

I had found my name.


Edward Percival was a true Brentwood boy, always up for a good time but not scared of hard graft. From a family of 7, and with a Father that died young, 'Teds' Mother worked hard to provide them with everything. However he would still need to leave school at 14 and start work to make sure there was hot food on the table. Ted worked in a butchers shop in Brentwood. Out the back of that butchers shop, on the opposite side of the street, was a pub.

Louisa May was 'born within the sound of Bow Bell' (meaning she was a proper cockney) and grew up skating around East London with her Great Dane companion. Louisas' parents owned fish and chip shops and she started working in them from a young age. Sadly, her mother passed away when she was 13 and Louisa was sent to live with her Grandparents in Brentwood. Louisa lived and worked in their pub. Just outside the pub, on the opposite side of the street, was a butchers shop.

Outside their workplaces in 1940, my Nan and Grandad met on Hart Street.

They were together for over 60 years. During which time they had my Mum, who was born on Hart Street.

My Nans family ran successful businesses and my Grandad worked his way up to become Manager of a funeral directors in Brentwood. He worked tirelessly to provide my Nan with everything she had lost when she had been moved away from London.

They are the beginning of my story. Everything I am is because of them and my Mum. Heart Street means that although my Nan and Grandad may not be able to see what I have achieved or to see me strive to continue their legacy of strength and hard work, at least I know they are with me every step of the way.