hearty food that will leave you feeling good.


Great food does good...


Here at Heart Street we think there's nothing better than home cooked food; the kind your loved ones have on the table for you after a long day. It makes you feel safe, it makes you feel warm, it makes you feel great.

Heart Street aims to give you this feeling on the move - we want to make you feel looked after.

We all need looking after in this world and Heart Street is committed to spreading this message as much as we can; everything we serve is 100% vegan and has absolutely no palm oil. We feature no plastic and all of our packaging is 100% compostable. At Heart Street HQ we have compost for veg peelings and all our suppliers are as local as possible. All of our food is also gluten free!

Great food does good. For you, and the rest of the world.








Our Story

Heart Street has been 10 years in the making! 

I have been a lot of things in my time - waitress, retail assistant, dance teacher, usher, popcorn seller (don't ask!), manager, wedding organiser, life model, white rabbit (seriously, don't ask!) and many more that I actually forget! 

But I have always wanted the same thing - to run my own business. 

I went through all these jobs, and more, trying to figure out what to do with my life! Luckily I fell on my feet in my 20s and spent 4 years as a Manager for a hotel along the North Norfolk coast.  

During my time there I began a change of consciousness, wanting to do more and more to help the wider world. I left my role and went to work for a charity…but that wasn’t for me either!

So, nearing 27, having just thrown away two well paid managerial jobs, I found myself right back where I had started 10 years ago. Working several temp jobs and wondering what to do with my life! 

Heart Street was grown from years of ideas rolling around my head. From my desire to combine creativity and business skills and be in charge of my own day to day existence and career. It was about building something that was mine, that embodied my beliefs and desires for a better world. I do not wish to run a multinational company or make masses of money. I just want to make a living working for myself, getting to blend my love of hospitality with a message I care about and try and improve my area of the planet just a little bit.

Stay kind,


Owner of Heart Street


Find us at…



Norwich, NR1 1TR

September 27th

5.30pm - 9pm

aylsham food market

Aylsham Market Place, NR11 6EL

October 5th


rackheath firework display

Rackheath, NR13 6LT

November 1st




Wells-Next-The-Sea, NR23

November 30th



Norwich, NR3 3AF

December 14th



Brickyard Campsite, NR23 1RR

September 28th

6pm - 9pm

wild paths festival

Norwich, NR3 3AF

October 18th

Midday - 8pm

THE firepit camp

Wendling, NR19 2LT

November 8th

6pm - 9pm

THE firepit camp

Wendling, NR19 2LT

December 6th

6pm - 9pm

norwich creative market

St Andrews Hall, NR3 1AU

December 15th

10am - 4pm

THE firepit camp

Wendling, NR19 2LT

October 4th

6pm - 9pm

wild paths festival

Norwich, NR3 3AF

October 19th

Midday - 8pm


norwich creative market

St Andrews Hall, NR3 1AU

November 9th

10am - 4pm


Surlingham, NR14 7GD

December 7th

12 - 6pm


Vegan christmas market

St Andrews Hall, NR3 1AU

December 22nd

10am - 4pm




jill and steffan

We're not even vegetarians, but we like trying different things and were thrilled with what Heart Street provided for Jill's birthday celebrations. Our guests remarked on how much they enjoyed the food! 

There's no reason why vegans should get to keep the best for themselves any more!  In a climate so conscious of carbon emissions we were delighted that we were able to make a more sustainable choice.

amy at soulshine

Heart Street catered for a workshop we ran in March earlier this year and we were SO delighted! Not only is the food absolutely divinely delicious but the team are the loveliest and friendliest people!

Wholesome, nourishing, delicious food served with joy and kindness. I mean, what more could you want? 

We would 100 per cent recommend Heart Street for any do you may be having. You will not be disappointed!!



Amazing food! That’s all I can say!

I’ve been vegan for about 3 years now, and Heart Street really surprised me with their simple, flavoursome dishes! Everything was filling but easy to digest and they have really nailed the real taste of home cooked food.

I would definetely recommend!


The food is absolutely amazing and the team are so friendly! Would 100% recommend Heart Street to everyone and anyone!


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